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Lo-fi music now refers to an entirely instrumental brand of sample-based hip-hop beat production—and its sprawling community of beatmakers, listeners and live streaming playlists.

The genre has exploded in popularity over the last few years, especially on YouTube.

"The hi-fi soundscape is one in which discrete sounds can be heard clearly because of the low ambient noise level … In the hi-fi soundscape, sounds overlap less frequently; there is perspective – foreground and background … In a low-fi soundscape individual acoustic signals are obscured in an overdense population of sounds … Perspective is lost … there is no distance; only presence. There is cross-talk on all the channels, and in order for the most ordinary sounds to be heard they have to be increasingly amplified." (Tuning of the World. p. 43. Destiny Books. 1993)

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Music has taken on a whole new significance since the global pandemic started last year. The majority of the people in self-isolation turned to music for comfort and to get away from all the stressful times. Maybe you have discovered a great playlist or radio station, these days you have so many options to choose from and you can listen to music while working from home

Like the name suggests, Lo-Fi music is the exact opposite of high fidelity, high-quality music production behind mainstream music. Also referred to as DIY music, this music genre will be low quality on purpose. It is a part of Lo-Fi music's aesthetics and beauty.

People who listen to lo-fi music for the first time can get hooked on to its rhythm easily. The ambiance that the music brings to the audience is relaxing and embracing; it is like a chill community. In a way, we can say it provides listeners with a sense of belonging.

How to Identify Lo-Fi Music - Here are the basics, First, drum loops form its rhythms. Second, jazz chords create relaxed and thoughtful quality. Lastly, samples build connections between different mediums.